CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If watching some of the sprinters in the Olympics Sunday inspired you to get off the couch, good news: Charlotte actually has some free workouts around the city that you can try.

#CLTFreeWorkout is a concept created by Blair Primis and the folks at Orthocarolina.

"If there's something that can motivate you or give you that extra 'mmph' to get off the couch or to do extra work during your run, we should be the ones providing that for you," Primis said.

Orthocarolina says their goal is to offer a free alternative to the normal gym routine, doing things like squats, arm circles, or lunges while running in between.

"Using your own body weight, you don't need to bring anything, as a way to just remove those barriers," Primis said.

Each of the stations is 800-1000 feet long which adds up to about 300 meters, which would be the same as three 100-meter sprints, like the one that Usain Bolt did yesterday when he won a gold medal.

"It's not super high intense," Primis said. "It's not 500 pushups."

The images on the sidewalk are clean graffiti from #thesavageway. They use high pressured water to clean the images onto the pavement.

"All you're doing is taking water, cleaning the sidewalk, and what's left is a mesage," Primis said.

The workouts are in six different places: Sedgefield, Dilworth, Noda, Wilmore, Cherry and West Charlotte. If you already run in these areas, it's just a quick change of pace along the way.

At the end of the workout, Primis says you repeat each of the exercises 5 times. It won't make you an Olympian overnight, but if you're looking to get active, it's a good start.