Columbia, SC (WLTX) - WalletHub released its 2017 Fattest States in America list, and South Carolina is number nine.

The Palmetto State rounded out the top ten for obesity and overweight prevalence, ranking 13th in highest percentage of obese adults and 6th in adults with Type 2 diabetes.

South Carolina barely escaped the top ten for states with the highest percentage of obese children, coming in at number 12. For overweight children, the state dropped to number 28.

When it comes to diet and exercise, South Carolina ranked 7th in adults eating less than one serving of fruits and vegetables per day and 21st for physically inactive adults.

Source: WalletHub

To identify the fattest states, analysts compared each state across 19 metrics, including overweight and obese population, sugary-beverage consumption and obesity-related health care costs.

Mississippi tops the list with the number one ranking for obesity and overweight prevalence and second for health consequences. While the title of skinniest state goes to Colorado after accumulating the lowest score.

The full report is available here.