LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. -- A swimming advisory that was issued Tuesday afternoon after a sewage spill into Lake Norman occurred has been cancelled on Thursday.

According to the Lincoln County Health Department, approximately 100 gallons of untreated sewage may have leaked into an unnamed cove. They said the wastewater spill occurred due to a power failure at a sewage pump station, resulting in the pump failure and overflow.

The advisory has been cancelled after a water sample test was conducted by the Lincoln County Public Works Office.

The department said the spill occurred at 3989 Blue Dory Lane in Denver.

While the department said the leak had been stopped, the health director advised all residents and boaters that the area may be contaminated with fecal coliform.

"Residents and lake users are advised not to swim or otherwise have bodily contact in that area," the health department said in a press release.

No swimming signs have been posted around the area. The Lincoln County Public Works Department will continue to test the water and will notify the health department and public when it's clear to resume lake activities in this area.