CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Do bugs love to bite you?

If they do, you know summertime can be the worst time for getting bites. It's actually a top complaint local doctors offices are hearing.

Let's start in Union County at Novant Health Monroe Family Medical. Doctors are seeing patients for bug bites, bee stings, and your typical summertime rash. 

Keep in mind, doctors say, most of the time, you don't need to see a doctor for bites and stings, that is, unless the reaction is large or extensive, then a quick trip to the doctor's office is helpful.

It's important to note any bite or sting that causes your throat to swell, makes it tough to breath, or leaves you feeling faint needs to be taken seriously with a visit to the emergency room.

At Novant Health Gilead Road Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, a lot of kids coming in after getting hurt at camp. The office is also seeing a rise in sinus infections and pink eye.

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