CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In this week's edition of  What's Going Around, the flu is out while questions about one vaccination in particular are bringing people in to see the doctor.

The office at Novant Health Crown Point Family Physicians near Matthews is reporting an increase in questions about the measles. 

Patients, specifically, are asking about the measles vaccine, wanting to know if a blood test needs to be done to make sure they're still protected against the virus or if a measles vaccine booster shot is needed.

It's important to point out, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are not reported measles cases in the Carolinas. That said, cases of the highly contagious disease are now confirmed in 23 states.

The CDC says it's the largest number of measles cases the United States has seen in 25 years. 

Novant Health Ballantyne Family & Sports Medicine reported an uptick in tendinitis of the wrist and shoulder.

The Sports Medicine doctor there says these types of injuries happen when the weather heats up. People are heading outside, getting their gardens going and their yards ready -- not realizing their bodies aren't quite used to all of the outdoor activity. 

We're also not used to all of this pollen floating around outside either. This office is seeing an increase in cases of seasonal allergies as a result. 

Meanwhile over at Novant Health Gilead Road Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, patients have been coming in with fever, rash, sore throats, and especially ear pain.

And that's what's going around this week.