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Women are better at remembering almost everything than men, study finds

Researchers concluded women are better at remembering faces and conversations, while men have an advantage when it comes to navigation.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When it comes to the different types of memory people have, women seem to have a leg up on men. 

Swedish researchers analyzed the memory of 1 million men and women and found that women are better at remembering conversations and people's faces. The ladies are also better at finding things they lost, like their keys. 

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There was one area, and we're going to stress that — one area — where men were better. Navigation, like remembering how to get somewhere they've only been once or twice. Our own Carolyn Bruck agreed with this, admitting she uses a GPS to get to work (every day for four years). 

Researchers said they found that women have a general advantage in tasks that are predominantly verbal, while men are better at tasks that require more a large degree of spatial processing. 


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