HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. (WMAZ) -- A Houston County woman in need of a kidney wound up finding a match across the country, but the donor was no stranger.

Donna Barfield suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease and was in desperate need of a second kidney transplant.

This past summer, friends and family spread the word through social media, asking anyone to get tested to see if they could be a match.

After a few months, Barfield, a wife and mother of two young children, found a donor match in La Jolla, California.

That donor is Katie Emery. Even though she lives far away, Emery is actually someone very close to Barfield.

The two are longtime friends since their freshman year of high school in 1994.

“She moved junior year,” Barfield says, “And we’ve been friends even after her moving to six more states!”

Emery will be flying in next month for the procedure at Emory in Atlanta.