CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As Hurricane Michael inches closer to Charlotte, gas prices are inching closer to $3 a gallon.

Experts, however, say the hurricane should not impact how much you pay at the pump.

"The biggest threat to supply would be a pipeline disruption in the Gulf Coast [flooding, power outages]," Tiffany Wright with AAA Carolinas said. "Although Hurricane Michael is a Gulf Coast storm, it is not expected to impact critical Gulf Coast systems [refineries, pipelines] like Harvey did in 2017."

That is welcomed news for drivers, considering how high gas prices have gone up over the last year. Prices have increased more than 40 cents during that time, according to AAA.

"I have to make sure I plan my trips when I go out now," Everett Taylor, Jr. said. "I'm on a fixed income, I hope (the average gas price) comes down."

Some have said global politics could pump prices even higher in the coming weeks, specifically U.S. sanctions against Iran. If for some reason gas prices hit the $3 a gallon mark and stay there, analysts say you can expect to pay an extra $740 over the course of a year.

South Carolina's gas prices remain among the lowest in the country at $2.62 a gallon on average. North Carolina comes in at $2.75. Prices in both states are up from last week.

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