LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- They've never missed a day of school in their life and it's paying off.

Twelve seniors in Jefferson County Public Schools will graduate with perfect attendance honors in a few days. Half of them go to Louisville Male High School, and of the six, two are sisters.

Most days, it's hard to tell them apart.

Photo: Brooke Hasch

"She's like my best friend. I could never get rid of her," Mikayla Morton said.

Mikayla and Miranda Morton are both seniors at Male High School, both on the track team and members of the choir and to no surprise identical twins.

"We surprisingly have never been separated since birth."

That's especially true when it comes to their schooling. Neither has missed a single day of class in the last 13 years. Few others can say the same.

"Sometimes there were parties and I'd have to stay home because it's a school night," Miranda Morton said.

They give credit to their grandmother, a retired JCPS teacher who always had the same message: "You're going to school no matter what."

The twins aren't done with school just yet. Both sisters plan to attend the University of Louisville in the fall. It'll be home to five of Male High School's six seniors with perfect attendance.

Photo: WHAS11
Photo: WHAS11

Aside from Male High School, Ballard High School will graduate three seniors with perfect attendance, duPont Manual will graduate two and one will receive perfect attendance honors from Central High School.