Charlotte, N.C. -- All this week, NBC Charlotte is investigating “is it worth it”? Who better to answer that question, or at the very least dig into it, than Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty.

"Look, we're all busy... work, school, homework, after school sports, you name it," McGinty said. "Some busy families have cut ties with 'home cooked' meals and are turning to dinner in a box."

Meal delivery services have shot up in popularity with some experts saying it’s going to be a billion dollar industry within the coming 10 years.

So are these any good?

One of the most popular is Blue Apron. This is a food service that will ship you the ingredients of the meals you choose. You can do meals on a couples plan or a family of four, everything you need is in the box and it’s delivered to your door.

On-line sources that have tested these meals say the price breaks down to roughly $10.00 per person per meal. So for two meals, three times a week, the cost is about $60.00. For the month, that’s $240 and it doesn’t factor in the other four days.

"If you're a couple or a family on the go, a meal delivery service (and there are lots of them) might be worth it," McGinty said.

If you’re considering this option, know this, you still have to cook it and you still have to do the dishes. However, maybe it eliminates the age old question, what’s for dinner tonight? If convenience is your thing, a dinner delivery option might be worth it.

"Do your research and find the service that best fits your family's needs," McGinty said.