CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A video shared by a local family shows a laundry room wall covered in mold.

The sender told NBC Charlotte her family has “nowhere else to go.”

She and her husband Johnny said a water leak in their University City apartment has become unbearable.

“This floor was wet and drenched,” Lydia described.

Before maintenance crew came to help Wednesday, the couple said the apartment wasn't quick in responding.

Johnny is an allergy sufferer and the mold exposure is only worsening his health.

“I have a hard time trying to breathe with this air,” he said.

“With the mold growing as fast as it is and smelling, I figured somebody should have been out here every day to see what’s going on,” Lydia said.

Representatives at Henderson Properties told NBC Charlotte the couple's circumstances were out of their control because the unit above the Miller’s was not owned by their company.

Tenants have a right to routine maintenance and repairs subject to health or building codes.