CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you are still going to order something on Amazon Tuesday, aka Prime day, it’s likely your order will be filled at one of two fulfillment centers in the Charlotte area.

Bill McGinty got an inside look the center in west Mecklenburg county and it’s been hopping all day.

Trucks have been in and out of the fulfillment warehouse all day, moving the thousands of items bought on Prime day 2017. Inside these centers, it’s an organized workflow of the “new retail” with on-line sales expected to top two billion dollars on Tuesday alone.

So what are the top sellers and best deals on Amazon Prime?

Amazon’s Alexa echo is $89.99 down from $179. The smaller Dot is just $35 down from $50. If you want a tablet, their Fire HD 8 is $49 down from $80.

Some of the best deals we found include top rated wireless and waterproof headphones. They’re just $19.99 down from $59.99, a savings of 67 percent.

Need a fitness, sleep of step tracker? Some of them are just $37, down from $112. That's 68 percent off.

Need a Wi-Fi home security camera and baby monitor? It’s just $66 down from $90.

To navigate the Amazon site, you’ll have to join or at least commit to a free trial of amazon prime for $99 a year, that will open up access to thousands of their deals, including clothing, shoes, household items, and electronics’ galore.

Two quick tips for you, some of the deals are timed. So, be surfing and at the ready to buy.

Also, you can save an additional $10 bucks if you voice order over Alexa. It’s Amazon making it so easy, you don’t even have to get up from your chair, just call out your order.

The deals last for 30 hours and we are about half way through, so you still have plenty of time as the sales go until 3 a.m.