CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s a nice quiet street. The perfect place for a family to call home.

And the neighbors in this Steele Creek community all seem to get along. Except on Kensal Drive.

You see, there’s a dispute going on at the base of the cul de sac over the upkeep of a neighbor’s property. Some residents are upset, saying their neighbor’s property is an eyesore and needs to be cleaned up.

“It probably affects the real estate values in the whole neighborhood,” said another person.

This isn’t your typical overgrown grass, but it sure is big. Really white, and really big. And most neighbors are in agreement that the huge water tower on their street needs a fresh coat of paint.

Now the question is, what should they do with the water tower? A privately owned water tower, at that.

The neighbors said the man who owners the lot and the tower doesn’t want to paint his water tower and seems to be under no obligation to do so, even if the paint is peeling and you can see it from a long distance. Not even if it bothers the neighborhood.

NBC Charlotte’s Bill McGinty tried calling the owner of the water tower not once, not twice, but three times and hasn’t received a call back. But McGinty’s hopeful he’ll call back and have a conversation about getting some new paint on that tower.

“It’s a monstrosity in desperate need of paint,” said one neighbor, shaking her head.