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Heavy rain causes flooding in Myers Park due to possible sinkhole

A Charlotte man used to have flooding problems. The city claimed to fix it, but the water is coming back.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A south Charlotte man and his partner thought they were in the clear when the blockages were removed from Charlotte city pipes in June. Rebuilding had begun, only to be flooded again.

Tuesday night, heavy rain backed up the city's stormwater system out in the street, he said, and filled his place up with the stormwater.

WCNC Defender Bill McGinty has done multiple stories on this flooding issue. The homeowner told McGinty since April 13, his house has flooded nine times.

He said before this latest flood, he alerted the city of Charlotte before that there might be another problem. He said he noticed a possible sinkhole and snapped a photo.  

Charlotte work crews put large metal plates over it, then the man noticed — and photographed — the hole growing bigger out into the sidewalk area.

The last time WCNC’s Bill McGinty did news reports on this issue, the city work crews came out and dug, only to find a large blockage.  

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He says city engineers working at the scene told him the pipes down there are just too small now given all the growth in the area, and that plans are in the works to change them.

Last spring, the man had flood after flood, water up to the fireplace on some days.

Credit: WCNC Charlotte viewer

After the blockage was removed though, they felt safe and even started to rebuild.  

The homeowner said insulation was in, furniture was ordered, and now another flood.  All work now must be stopped and what was added will have to be ripped out, upping the costs.

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