CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cell phone insurance all depends on who is using the phone.

A kid? Maybe it’s a good idea, especially since high school kids get phones stolen a lot or they lose and damage them. The cost is about six to 12 dollars and you’ll have a deductible of maybe 50 to 200 dollars.

It’s a fact that new phones now cost you $700 to $1,000, so insurance might very well be worth it. It’s a personal choice.

Also, your homeowner’s policy will likely not cover the phone or the iPad. NBC Charlotte's Bill McGinty checked, and many homeowner’s policies are getting away from covering electronic devices because they so easily lost or damaged. And your deductible on a homeowner’s policy anyway would be close to the cost of a new phone, so it’s basically a wash.

Quick recap: Car rental insurance? Nope, pass on it. Travel insurance? Depends, where, when and who is going. If you buy, don’t go cheap and read the fine print. Cell phone insurance? Yeah, probably worth it, but it really depends how hard you are on your devices and the environment in which you use them.