Charlotte, NC -- NBC Charlotte is putting parents on alert if their kids play interactive games on Xbox.

A local man said his son got scammed by another player by being conned to give up his cell phone number.

How did this happen and how can you keep it happening to your child? Consumer investigative reporter Bill McGinty is on the case.

Millions of kids game and the newer games let you play live with anybody anywhere. Fadi Rahal says of his kids “they’re just so innocent.”

Fadi says his 12-year-old son was playing a game on his Xbox when a stranger playing asked him for his phone number so he could send credits and gifts.

His 12-year-old didn’t think twice.

Fadi says the charges to his cell phone bill came quickly, adding “and within two minutes, I got another charge, $29.99, then $59.99 and then $9.99.”

Fadi immediately contacted Microsoft and Verizon and eventually, it was Verizon who made good on the refund but still, how did the scam work?

What you want to do to prevent this is to make sure you turn off the application that allows you or anyone with your number to make purchases that are charged to your phone bill. Look for the feature in your cell phone provider’s app.

Fadi said, “I asked my son, did you give a pin, a password, a birthday. He said 'no daddy, I just gave the cell phone number.'”

Stories like this involving online gaming scams have popped up before. It’s a warning for other gamers and kids.

"As much as you think your kids are smart, someone out there outsmarts them,” Fadi said.