CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Amazon followed through with their promise to drop prices Monday on some key items at Whole Foods Market, its first day as the new owner of the chain long known as high quality but high cost.

But will the move make them more competitive and are the price drops worth it? We sent NBC Charlotte's Consumer Investigator Bill McGinty shopping to find out.

"We all have choices when we go shopping and if your house is like mine, we stretch every dollar to make it count," McGinty said on his way to the store. "So is Whole foods going to help us do that? Looks like it as far as I can tell."

Last Friday, the avocados were 2 for $4 each, on Monday they dropped to $1.49. The brown eggs were $3.99 last week, Monday they were $3.19. The apples were $6.99 for the pink ladies in South Park, but here at the Waverly Whole Foods on Providence apples were $1.99 a pound. While we didn’t see any pink ladies, but the apples were definitely lower across the board.

The bananas were 89-cents a pound last week. On Monday, they were 49 cents, a savings of 50%.

"Its certainly going to take months. I do suspect that by the end of the year we will see some significant changes," said Marketing Professor David Brennan.

It’s likely that Amazon’s goal is to make the Whole Foods brand more affordable, which might lead to more direct competition with places like Walmart.