CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An injured North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper is now in Atlanta, Georgia for his rehabilitation program. 

Trooper Christopher Wooten was attempting to pull over 36-year-old Dontay Kilgo when Kilgo refused to stop, officials said. Wooten was pursuing Kilgo through west Charlotte when the trooper's motorcycle collided with another vehicle. The trooper suffered serious injuries in the crash.

Trooper Wooten gets a visit from a therapy dog
Trooper Wooten gets a visit from a therapy dog

A few days after the crash, the North Carolina Highway Patrol announced Trooper Wooten was paralyzed from the neck down. 

"While we all have joined together in praying for a speedy recovery, I deliver this message with a very heavy heart," the law enforcement agency posted on Facebook

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Trooper Wooten suffered significant spinal cord trauma during the crash. 

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Injured North Carolina trooper

Accompanying the trooper to the airport was the SHP Motor Unit, who provided an escort ensuring Wooten's safe arrival. Several SHP members were on-site as he boarded the medically equipped airplane which would later make a safe landing in Atlanta.

"The overwhelming amount of support offered by our law enforcement partners, medical staff, other first responders and the public is unmatched and truly expresses the appreciation for Chris’ law enforcement service. I would like to personally thank every person who has assisted the Wooten family thus far as I know they are extremely grateful," North Carolina Highway Patrol wrote on their Facebook page. 

Click here to donate to Trooper Wooten's GoFundMe account. 

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