CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Teachers arrested for attacking students on campus is more of a problem than you may think; it happened more than one time during the school year last year.

"Just wanted to give you an opportunity to talk about what you're accused of doing in any classroom. Have you seen the police report," asked reporter Mark Boyle.

"I have not, but I have no comment," said former CMS teacher Chris Schunk.

According to records uncovered by NBC Charlotte, Schunk hit a victim who was wheelchair bound at the Metro School in uptown last year.

"Did you hit the student in the wheelchair?"

"No," he said.

Even though Schunk denies the accusations, in the police report it says that he hit the handicapped student time and time again in the face.

And we found out teachers being arrested for crimes on campus is not isolated to this incident. According to CMS, during the 2014-2015 school year, three teachers were arrested. Chris Schunk was arrested for assault on a handicapped person.

And Dewey Jones, who is still employed at CMS, was arrested after a fight at Alexander middle school in Huntersville last year.

CMS sent us this statement: "CMS strives to provide and maintain a safe learning environment for both students and staff. The district uses all available resources to thoroughly investigate all incidents and takes appropriate action to ensure the safety of all involved."

Meanwhile, Schunk, who was arrested for hitting the victim in the wheelchair, is no longer working for the district and is expected in court for a hearing in February of next year.