CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Airports will soon be buzzing as travelers head home for the holidays. There's always the option of travel insurance with the purchase of a plane ticket, but is it worth it?

NBC Charlotte's Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty got an inside look into the pros and cons of travel insurance. His biggest advice for travelers is to weigh the pros and cons.

Purchasing travel insurance also should weigh heavily on the circumstances surrounding both the traveler and their destination.

"If you have older people going or anyone with health issues, buy the insurance," McGinty said. "If you're going anywhere in the southeast or especially in the Caribbean during hurricane season, buy the insurance."

But here's the caveat with travel insurance, when you purchase the cheapest option (as most do) it typically seems like you're completely covered. But that's not always the case.

McGinty encourages travelers to read the fine print because it's important to know what's excluded and why, than to know just what's covered. What's excluded is usually there in smallest print in the smallest font.

"One footnote, don't go too cheap," McGinty said. "If you need it, you get what you pay for... and what you want covered will likely be excluded."

There are other options as well. See if your homeowner's policy has a travel extension, or go through your travel agent, or use a big company with a good reputation. Doing some research a head of time will limit the problems you'll have.

In conclusion, McGinty warns travelers that when it comes to reading contracts, insurance policies, and warranties... remember, the BIG PRINT GIVITH and the little print takith away!