CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Listen up, parents.

A new service in Charlotte claims to be the Uber of babysitting. All you do is click an app and a babysitter shows up and your house.

But how safe is that?

Stephanie Keefer had just moved to North Carolina when the mother of two realized she had a problem.

“I was surrounded by moving boxes and I didn’t know anyone didn’t have any friends in our area and there was a real need for it," Keefer said.

A need she says, for a modern way to find a babysitter.

“It was just a full-time job trying to find a babysitter," she explained.

She had an idea, called a friend in Silicon Valley, and created Platinum Sitters. They started in Raleigh a year ago and expanded to Charlotte a few months ago.

Some refer to it as the Uber for babysitters.

“It is. We like to call it the Uber and eHarmoney for babysitting," Keefer said. "Not only on-call sitters. Also able to provide the right babysitters. You're matching them.”

Here’s how it works: parents go to the Platinum Sitters app or website, and can basically order a sitter, who shows up for work within two hours.

Megan Schneider says she uses the service almost weekly.

“My husband works and I work I travel quite a bit and its allowed us to fill our child care needs in a pinch and also plan ahead," Schneider explained.

And she says she’s been happy with the sitters. Others aren’t so sure about the idea.

"Oh wow, that sounds lovely," said one person. "My only concern would be how credible are people working for them."

Another mom said, “It personally would scare me, I don’t think I would do something like that.”

Keefer says Potential sitters fill out a lengthy questionnaire, there’s an in-person interview, reference checks, and local and national criminal background checks that they run every 90 days.

“We think that’s enough to ensure safety.”