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CMPD rush hour pursuit leaves young mother dead, new father injured

A record number of innocent bystanders are dying as a result of police pursuits. Brittany Webb and Micky Brown are among the victims this year alone in Charlotte.

Sarah Beckman, Nate Morabito (WCNC)

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Published: 8:06 AM EDT July 5, 2022
Updated: 10:35 AM EDT August 23, 2022

Giggles echoed off the car windows as Aaron Norward's friends teased him.

"'You're a dad now Aaron.' That's all they kept saying," Norward said smiling. "They said, 'We waited so long for this day.’"

Just 24 hours after the birth of his daughter Zayleigh, Norward and two of his closest friends headed to the hospital, so he could sign the newborn's birth certificate.

"Oh man, I was excited," the 28-year-old Charlotte man said. "I didn't even want to talk to nobody."

Today, he can barely remember the crash. 

"It kind of bothers me, just trying to remember," Norward said. "I guess it ain't meant to be remembered."

Pictures from an impound lot show the now unrecognizable Honda Accord that carried Norward as a passenger. The front of the smashed car looks like a squeezed accordion. The windshield is shattered and the pink front passenger seat airbag that couldn't save Brittany Webb, Norward's best friend, is now deflated. 

Credit: Gary Mauney

Norward was seated directly behind Webb. He nearly died, too, but all he can think about is her. 

"To find out she was across the hall from me at the hospital and I didn't even know that, it hit me hard," Norward said. "And she had two beautiful children, too. That's sad, man."

Credit: WCNC Charlotte

Few people know about the Jan. 3 rush-hour crash on Statesville Road. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police charged the other driver with second-degree murder, but that diminishes the role officers played that afternoon. 

"It's important for people to know what happened to (Brittany)," her sister Brianna Webb said. "She was taken from us."

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