CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A tree cutting job went dangerously wrong on Tuesday morning.

A company showed up to chop down a tree only to have it crash the wrong way onto a house. Someone was inside at the time. Luckily they weren’t hurt, but there’s significant damage to the home.

Now, NBC Charlotte is looking into your rights as a homeowner.

The tree that crashed through the roof looks like something you might see after a severe storm, but the homeowner blames a couple of workers next door.

“It sounded like everything was crashing,” says Donita Hoffler, who was inside the home at the time.

The crashing sound came without any thunder or lightning in the area. Hoffler says she only heard a couple men with chainsaws.

“Two guys at the neighbor's house were running away with their chainsaws,” says Hoffler.

Hoffler says it took her a minute to make the connection between the men and the tree crashing down. She described it sounding like “The world was ending”.

“I'm kind of grabbing my head like, ‘God help me,'” said Hoffler.

She says one of the workers came back to the scene about fifteen minutes later to make sure no one died. Hoffler survived, but it’s not clear if the house will, according to her aunt who owns the house.

“It came into the bedroom, the bathroom, the hallways, so right now it's unlivable,” said Rhonda Williams, Hoffler’s aunt.

NBC Charlotte is now looking into your rights as a homeowner. State Farm agent Brian McCaw offered several recommendations if you’re in that situation.

He says document the damage and protect the home from further damage. McCaw also says a legal company will have insurance, which should pay for the damage in a case like that.

NBC Charlotte reached out to the company given by the homeowner. At this point, NBC Charlotte is not releasing the company’s name. When reached for comment, a man who answered the phone for the company did not provide any information and then hung up during the call.

Hoffler says she’s disappointed in the workers response to the incident.

“Especially being they ran off, that doesn't really sound so good,” says Hoffler.

However, she’s glad to be walking away alive.

Williams filed a police report to document the damage. She says she’s going to do whatever she can to get the people who did the damage to pay for it.