PULLMAN, Wash. -- Oregon State University Quarterback Jake Luton took to twitter to thank a little boy.

Saturday, September 16, Luton was seriously hurt in the game against WSU, so 2-year-old Silas Hubbard brought him a cupcake. It is a small gesture that Jake said he will not soon forget.

Luton took a hard hit against WSU. He laid motionless on the field for several minutes before he was carted off to the hospital.

It was a moment Breeana Hubbard and her son Silas watched from their Pullman home. Hubbard said Silas, who’s third birthday is coming up, was really worried.

"He was just visibly choked up about it,” said Hubbard. "We watched the rest of the game, we took a bath, got ready for bed and Silas was still talking about what happen. He was like ‘Mommy he's going to be okay right?’."

Hours had passed, and Silas was still asking about the OSU quarterback. After talking with her husband Hubbard thought they should do something. They ran to the store, picked up just one cupcake, and headed to the hospital to give it to Jake.

"I went with no makeup in my pajamas. Silas was wearing these ridiculous skin tight little jammie shorts,” said Hubbard.

When they got to the hospital the waiting room was filled with Jake's family and friends.

"Here we come in with literally a single cupcake and I think I made the comment like ‘I didn't bring enough’, there was tons of people with him,” said Hubbard.

Jake had suffered a spinal injury, but fortunately was able to walk out on his own later that night. He was greeted by many familiar faces and one he didn't know -- that of Silas Hubbard.

"Silas got to give a high five to the quarterback and give him a cupcake. It was magical,” said Hubbard.

Jake later wrote on Twitter that he will always remember Silas and the love and kindness he showed after a scary night in the hospital.

And if anyone knows about a scary night in a hospital, it is Silas.

"He had a stroke in utero a day or two before he was born. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy up until I noticed he hadn't been moving as much,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard had an emergency C-section. When Silas was born he had suffered hearing loss.

"They told us he was profoundly deaf in the right ear and had moderate to severe loss in the left,” said Hubbard.

Silas also has to wear special footwear and a splint for one of his arms. Hubbard said he has been wearing hearing aids since he was 8 months old.

Despite this, Silas is a smart, charming and energetic little boy. By all accounts he will grow up and continue to touch the lives of those around him.