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10-year-old saves classmates from falling utility pole, honored by fire department

Juan Cabesa Mina pushed three classmates to safety as a utility pole nearly fell on them after a nearby car crash, according to the Charlotte Fire Department

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A boy whose quick actions helped protect three of his classmates was honored by the Charlotte Fire Department for his efforts.

Juan Andres Cabesa Mina, 10, returned to school a week after being injured by a pole that fell on him as he pushed three classmates to safety.

Firefighters from Charlotte Fire Engine 42 and 65, along with the entire student body at Windsor Park Elementary School, welcomed Cabesa Mina with adoration. He was presented a certificate of appreciation by Reginald Johnson, Charlotte Fire Chief.

On Thursday, March 23, a two-car crash happened in the area where Cabesa Mina and others were waiting for the school bus. The crash resulted in a utility pole with active power lines being struck.

Cabesa Mina then hurried to the area where the pole was following and rushed three students away from being struck. Cabesa Mina was able to prevent them from being injured, but the pole fell on top of him, trapping his legs.

Bystanders were able to free Cabesa Mina before Charlotte Fire gave him first aid. He was then sent to a hospital where he stayed for two days.

"Juan is an example of service before self," said Johnson in a news release. "Charlotte Fire and the entire community thank you for your heroic actions to save your friends."

Cabesa Mina was humble about the incident, saying he did it not for admiration but to protect the people around him.

"What I did that day, I didn't do to be a hero.  I did it out of my heart.  I don't remember what happened, but I will always have everyone in my heart." said Cabesa Mina in the release through a translator.  

Cabesa Mina is originally from Venezuela. This is his first year living in the United States, according to CFD. 

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