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Easy ways to avoid falling into debt this holiday shopping season

About 48 million Americans are still paying off debt from the 2018 holiday season.

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends is hard enough. But setting and sticking to the holiday budget might be even harder. 

Nearly 60% of people have started their holiday shopping according to CBS. While people are shopping earlier, about 48 million Americans, are still paying off their debt from last year.

There are a few ways you can avoid falling into deeper debt this year. 

First, look out for those high-interest rates on the store credit cards. They may sound good at first, but one missed payment can be pricy. You may want to avoid signing up for the credit cards in general. Every new card you sign up for actually hits your credit score.

Second, base your holiday budget on last year's spending. Set your budget based on that, and stick with it!

There are even several apps out there to help you find the best deals. 

Gifster helps you price out your entire list on the phone. Shop savvy compares prices to different retail stores, and shopular will search for coupons at specific stores. And download the honey extension for your web browser. It automatically looks up discount codes you can use at checkout.