CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A massive fire ripped through a Pineville Apartment complex, leaving eight families without a home.

"The whole side of the building was like it in flames. I was so scared," said Jordan Webb who watched the flames shoot through the roof of the building next door from her balcony.

"It is just, it is so said, I was standing right there and I could feel the heath on my face," she said.

Firefighters got the call just before noon Thursday. More than 50 firefighters from Pineville, Charlotte and Flint Hill spent hours battling the blaze. The intensity of the flames coupled with the wind only added to the challenge.

"Wind possibly a factor, but there was a lot of fire when we arrived," said Pineville Assistant Fire Chief Jason Kemoiwicz. "Just due to the amount of fire, we had to back out due to safety reasons."

However, a firewall separating two buildings did help. It stopped the flames from spreading to more buildings and doing anymore damage.

But for Lisa Gadsen, the damage was done.

"Everything is gone," she said. Gadsen pointed to her clothes and said, "this is all I have and a vehicle."

Several of her neighbors hugged and cried as they watch the charred remains of their home. The flames could be seen for miles away. That is how Gadsen's brother found out about the fire. He drove by and saw for himself and was the one to give his sister the news that her apartment was on fire.

"I immediately started screaming and just trying to get here," she said. "I'm definitely ending 2016 with a bang, but I'm coming strong in 2017."

"I serve an awesome God, so i'm going to be okay, me and my daughter will be okay, it is not like i haven't rebuilt before and i will rebuild again," Gadsen said.

All residents escaped without injury. The American Red Cross sent representatives to help displace families. Two firefighters are under evaluation for heat exhaustion. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.