1. Panovich: Icy mix possible Monday morning in Charlotte

As frigid temperatures continue, the Carolinas can expect a wintry weather mix early this week.

"On Monday, we are possibly going to see freezing drizzle and mist." said Chef Meteorologist Brad Panovich. "Not a power line or tree issue, primarily a road issue."

The light, freezing drizzle is expected to impact the Monday morning commute through mid-morning before it eventually turns to rain.

The National Weather Service says there is a slight chance of freezing rain between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Then a 20-percent chance of rain throughout the day.

"Bottom line for Monday, we are going to see some freezing drizzle and mist its just a matter of how much," said Panovich.

2. Crews treating roads ahead of possible ice Monday

It's mostly just dealing with cold temperatures at this point, but road crews are already gearing up for what could be some icy roads in the coming days.

NBC Charlotte has been in contact with state and local road crews about how they're preparing.

NCDOT told NBC Charlotte that crews have already used brine on highways over the area this week and will continue treating roads over the weekend.

Charlotte DOT also had crews out Thursday and Friday targeting bridges and main thoroughfares.

In South Carolina, SCDOT crews treated I-77 in both directions with leaders keeping a close eye on the weekend forecast.

3. How to keep your home and car safe from frigid weather

As temperatures stay in record lows, keeping your family, home and car safe is a top priority.

Frozen pipes can cost you thousands which is why you should be alert when it comes to keeping your water lines flowing. Here's some things to keep in mind:

- Turn your faucet to have a constant drip

- Open cabinet doors

- Leave heat no lower than 55

- Close foundation vents

Just like your home, your car should always be fully stocked ahead of a cold, wintry day.

First, make sure your fluids are topped off. That includes your oil, power steering, and antifreeze.

“The fluids make sure your engine keeps running,” said Herbert White, a mechanic at Drums Tire and Battery in Rock Hill.

The inside of the car shouldn't look like a Christmas tree with numerous lights, so if you see any warnings, check them out, especially the one that looks like “a horseshoe with a line in it,” said White.

4. Officials issue safety warnings after man falls into frozen Lake Norman

Fire departments across the Charlotte area are issuing a warning to the public about the dangers of trying to stand on frozen ponds, lakes, and streams.

With the Charlotte area experiencing its coldest seven-day period since 1994, many bodies of water have at least a thin layer of ice across the top, including many of Charlotte's busiest parks.

But whatever you do, officials say, don't stand on the ice. If you see a sheet of ice on a pond or creek? You need to stay away, firefighters say.

A local man found out the hard way. The story started with a rare photo of Kenyon Stanley's son standing on a frozen cove of Lake Norman. Stanley told NBC Charlotte he'd never seen the water outside his home frozen like that before.

5. Charlotte off to coldest start in 90 years

The outbreak of winter weather impacting the Carolinas has delivered the coldest stretch of weather experienced by Charlotte in over 20 years.

According to Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich, the Queen City is in the midst of its coldest snap since 1994.

Friday morning, Charlotte set a new “on this date” record for January 5 with a low of 8 degrees.

The historic cold is also inching Charlotte closer to another chilly record. Through the first four days of 2018, Charlotte's average high has been just 23.6 degrees, meaning the Queen City's felt the coldest first four days of the year since 1928.

This is the coldest seven-day period in Charlotte since 1994 – The temperatures are considered average in Billings, Montana! This is also the third-coldest January start since 1939.

This is the coldest it's been in Charlotte since 2015, when we hit seven degrees.