CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Halloween thieves are hunting for your decorations.

In three cases this week, suspects have targeted homes and stole everything from pumpkins to decorations.

NBC Charlotte talked to one of the victims who said she displayed the decorations for her grandchildren and they’re being hurt the most.

“The Mickey and Minnie (Mouse) blow up was gone and our little puppy was gone,” said Lisa Moscuzza.

Moscuzza claimed someone stole the items from the front yard, totaling about $80.

“It’s very sad because I got it for my grandbabies," Moscuzza said. "It’s not worth anything, it’s just very heartbreaking."

It’s among several cases of Halloween decorations being stolen around the Queen City. A home in the Providence Division had about $100 worth of decorations taken. In the Eastway Division, someone stole decorations and pumpkins from a home.

Moscuzza thinks it may have been kids in the neighborhood stealing from her. She doesn’t plan to spend any more money on Halloween decorations, at least for this year.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said they are not aware of any connection between the crimes and no arrests have been made in any of the cases.