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Americans are making less as prices continue to rise, report shows

One Charlotte woman was left asking "Where's the money" after seeing the data.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you think you're having to stretch your dollar a little more; You are right. A new report by the U.S. Census Bureau showed Americans' income level, poverty percentage, and overall inflation. 

WCNC Charlotte's Austin Walker broke down the data with one Charlotte woman who was left asking "Where's the money" after seeing the data. 

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"These prices," Shamir Hudson, a Charlotte mother, said while shopping at a grocery store. "Food prices all together everything is going up.”

She said her receipt has been anything but consistent and what she is feeling checks out. That report showed from 2021 to 2022, inflation is up 7.8%. That is the largest jump since 1981.  

While things are more expensive, Americans are earning less money too. The U.S. Census Bureau report detailed that the average wage is down 2.3%. 

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The median household income fell from $76,330 in 2021 to $74,580 in 2022. Income estimates are expressed in real or 2022 dollars to reflect changes in the cost of living.

"Prices have gone up just under 20%," Connaughton said. "One of the reasons prices went up is energy, we have seen oil prices go up and a barrel of oil is $90 once it hits $100 that’s when it gets problematic. Everything you buy whether you go to brink store or online and it’s shipped, it uses energy.”  

The poverty rate also rose from 7.8% in 2021 to 12.4% in 2022. It's the largest one-year jump on record. Connaughton said reasons for the climb could be the expiration of the child tax credit and the rental assistance program. 

Hudson says through these changing times, the task of putting food on the table for her kids is getting harder. 

"Somedays, somedays but I still make it work," Hudson said. 

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