CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Lancaster mom says she was kicked out of church service at Elevation in Ballantyne because she was breastfeeding.

Now, Amanda Zilliken is taking up the fight against the decision. She and a group of at least a dozen other mothers are getting together to plan a "Nurse-In."

Zilliken says she was breastfeeding her 4-month-old daughter in a back row of the sanctuary during the sermon when a church volunteer escorted her out of the sanctuary and into a bathroom.

“She brought me to a family bathroom, I guess it's a mother’s restroom," Zilliken said. "I was humiliated. It's not OK to shame someone for breastfeeding."

The mother of three posted a photo of the bathroom on Facebook explaining what happened.

As of Wednesday night, the post was already shared almost 2,000 times.

“That was wrong to take me from hearing the word of God to remove me to a restroom," Zilliken said.

Elevation Church gave Charlotte Observer the following statement:

We do not have a policy that nursing mothers can’t be in the sanctuary. A volunteer had a conversation and felt both parties arrived at the same conclusion to exit mutually. We are sorry that this in any way offended anyone.

North Carolina law states a woman can breastfeed anywhere.

“That is what God made my body to do,” Zilliken said. “We should not have to be ashamed of doing something that's good for our children."

The planned "Nurse-In" will take place during Elevation Ballantyne's 11 a.m. service on August 20.