CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte neighborhood is working to put a stop to speeders.

Homeowners in Carmel Road area insists something needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt or even worse, killed.

"Nighttime, daytime... they don't care," John Jack said of the reckless drivers. "We've seen a lot of people going well over the speed limit."

Linda Payne worries for her and her dog's safety every time she takes them for a walk. Other families that live on Carmel Road have stopped allowing their children to play outside, driving them to parks instead.

Jack started an online petition on the Nextdoor app to find out if neighbors would welcome the idea of speed bumps.

But not everyone in the neighborhood wants to see the group's plan be placed into action.

"I got a very threatening message telling me to keep my mouth shut," Jack said.

Jack has reported other harsh messages to the police. He said he's not sure what the solution should be.

"There are children that play, they ride their bikes, they play basketball," Jack said. "They play soccer in their yards and it’s getting to the point where I don’t think its safe to have your kids play out in their own neighborhood."