CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 16-year-old was recovering Tuesday after being hit by a car in Ballantyne.

"My boy calls me, and he tells me that his sister got hit by a car, and I freaked out of course,” Shannon Lavery said.

Zoe and Boone were walking home from Harris Teeter after buying candy, when a driver came speeding around the corner.

"My son hears a car. He turns and looks, and there's this car coming super fast,” Lavery said. “So he jumps out of the way, but my daughter didn't jump out of the way. She gets hit. She flies up on his roof, her shoes go flying off. She hits the side of his car and lands on her head."

Lavery told NBC Charlotte her daughter blacked out when the incident happened. The teen was taken to Carolinas Medical Center Pineville and given stitches for a head wound. According to Lavery, the driver told her he didn’t see her children.

“I ask the guy if he had been drinking, and he said, 'Yeah, a couple.' I ask how many, and he said, 'Four or five.' I said, 'that’s not a couple,'” Lavery said.

Lavery said the driver got a DWI, but police have not confirmed that information.

NBC Charlotte has received dozens of complaints about racing and reckless driving through neighborhoods and residential streets in the Ballantyne area. Another woman posted her experience on the NextDoor app.

“I cannot tell you the number of times I've almost got hit by a car and seen people run the reds,” Michele Tekulsky wrote. “I actually saw two cars racing at an excess of 100 mph, and it's just a recipe for disaster."

Police have been informed and told everyone with concerns that they are cracking down on the problem. For Lavery, it’s not enough.

"What needs to happen? I don't know exactly, but they need to fix the timing on these lights."