CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The deep freeze taking hold of the Carolinas is causing problems at homes and in schools.

From busted pipes to no heat, everyone is doing their best to brave the frigid temperatures.

All of this is happening as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students head back to class Wednesday morning.

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"Bundle up," one woman laughed. "That's all you can do is bundle up."

"I'm freezing," said another woman. "I'm from Buffalo and I feel like I'm back in western New York."

It's been difficult for Carolinians to maintain their positive attitude with each daily punch of cold air. In Union County, the heat went out at Sun Valley High School.

Students sat in cold classrooms that were described as "like an iceberg" for more than an hour before it was fixed. North Mecklenburg High School will be closed Wednesday due to no heat in several buildings on campus.

Heating technician Ricky Byrd is working overtime fixing furnaces to keep families warm.

"Get the filters replaced. Whether it be once a month or once every three months," Byrd advised.

Plumber Cory McCrea said the calls keep coming in because pipes are bursting and water heaters are freezing.

"Leave a slight drip on your faucets," he said. "If you have crawl spaces, make sure they're sealed up."

Tuesday's temperatures barely made it above the freezing mark. New Year's resolutions are now to simply stay warm.

"I lost the feeling in my fingers, so I don't really stay warm. But I attempted to stay warm," Byrd laughed.