CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It’s a night Patrick Kenty will never forget. He was shooting hoops with two of his friends at Archdale Neighborhood Park, his son and nephew just yards away on the playground, when the attack happened.

"We see a huge dog chasing him with blood coming all out of the mouth,” Kenty said.

He and the other men ran into the woods where they found 9-year-old Jonathan Roblero barely conscious and covered in blood. One of them called 911 while the other two fought the dog off using sticks until first responders could get there.

Roblero’s young friends witnessed the entire thing.

"They were biting his skin off and ripping it off of him,” a 10-year-old said.

It was a terrifying sight no mother should ever have to witness, and one Jonathan’s mother, Leslie Morgan, still can’t process.

"Whenever I got to the park, his legs was wide open, his arms was wide open,” Morgan said.

Roblero was rushed into emergency surgery Sunday night, and doctors say his road to recovery may take a while. On top of the physical pain, there's emotional trauma.

"He's terrified,” Morgan said. “He told me that he was never going back outside."

Now witnesses say the dogs' owners should have to pay.

"Oh there should be some dire consequences for this, for this to happen to a child,” Kenty said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control took the dog, which they say is a stray pit bull mix, into custody. He’s now under a 10 day state-mandated rabies quarantine, and then will be held pending the investigation. Animal Control also took control of a second dog that they say was involved in the attack. Both dogs were owned by the same person, according to CMPD.

Roblero is set to undergo another surgery on Wednesday.