CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Several employees at Golden Corral in the University Area got into a scuffle, sending chairs flying and customers heading for the exit.

The video of a Sunday brunch brawl at a popular restaurant in Charlotte is making the rounds on social media.

"Oh (expletive!)" Luis Romero shouted, as employees started throwing punches at each other.

Romero had a front row seat to the Golden Corral chaos during Sunday brunch between two female employees.

"There were fists flying, hair pulling and weave got pulled out," said Romero. "Where the fight broke out there was actually a family with babies in car seats and a stroller. It was just ridiculous."

The madness poured onto table tops until finally the girls were separated. NBC Charlotte went back to the restaurant where two waitresses went a few rounds. We showed the video to customers.

"My reaction is that's unacceptable conduct," said Henry Douglas, a Golden Corral customer.

Golden Corral released this statement:

At Golden Corral, we hold our team members to high standards and require them to always conduct themselves in a professional manner. We are disappointed in the unacceptable behavior that was displayed in one of our restaurants recently, and we have dismissed the employee responsible. We deeply regret that this incident occurred and apologize to our guests. We look forward to serving them in the future.

"Somebody might get hurt who's not involved and doesn't even know what's going on," said Douglas.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but Romero says after his cellphone video gets out a fair share of damage will be done.

"It was just crazy-- it was hectic," said Romero. "A lot of people said they aren't coming back here again."