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Cabarrus County prosecutors gave some accused high-speed drivers sweet deals, formal complaint filed

Despite being pulled over for excessive speed, up to 40 mph over the limit in some cases, defendants drove away with special deals to avoid heavy fines.

Sarah Beckman, Nate Morabito (WCNC)

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Published: 8:01 AM EDT August 31, 2022
Updated: 10:36 AM EDT September 1, 2022

Despite being pulled over for driving anywhere from 20 to 40 mph over the speed limit, Cabarrus County prosecutors allowed some defendants to drive away with special deals, a WCNC Charlotte investigation found. 

The deals not only allowed drivers to keep their licenses that otherwise might be suspended or revoked, but in some cases they resulted in nothing more than $10 fines. 

The practice, which is mostly hidden from public view, resulted in unequal justice, a slap on the wrist for potentially dangerous drivers and a court system shorted thousands of dollars in fines. 

These deals are reserved for only certain attorneys, according to an analysis by WCNC Charlotte and an anonymous complaint to the North Carolina State Bar's local liaison. The complaint also alleges these deals occur "off the docket," meaning largely out of public sight. Jay White, the bar counselor in Concord who received the complaint, called the allegations offensive and said they shocked his conscience. 

Credit: WCNC Charlotte

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