CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More than 100,000 good deeds were written and put into more 25,000 boxes.

Now seven local artists are turning them into artwork with the help of anyone who wants to do their part.

The first of a series of workshops today asked the community to help build pieces of art out of strips of paper with “good deeds” written on them.

This is how it works: “Blessing Boxes” were placed in schools, churches, and other public places – each with one hundred strips of colorful paper.

Each time someone does a good deed, they can write it down on the strips and put them in a Blessing Box.

Dana Endley of About Face Charlotte is the mastermind behind the idea. She said it all started with the protests in Charlotte last September.

“I really wanted to do something that focused the community back on doing kind things for each other, and seeing your neighbor as someone you could cooperate with and lend a hand to," Endley said. "So it was to build a visible community of kindness in our city.”