CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Just one day after the announcement of CMPD Chief Kerr Putney’s retirement, Charlotte city leaders say they need to seek further clarification from the North Carolina retirement system to ensure the Chief’s retirement plan follows state law.

The city chose to cancel a Wednesday morning press conference initially planned to further discuss Putney’s retirement. 

In the original announcement, Chief Putney said he planned to retire on January 1, 2020, and then return to the department in March to continue community policing and help with the Republican National Convention in August. 

After that, Putney would officially retire again.

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“I think you can get tired as a police chief and I think all of us can recognize that and when he says it’s important to take a break to be with his family I believe that and we wish him well,”  Charlotte Maylor Vi Lyles said.

Now, many are wondering is if this back and forth retirement move is allowed.

In a written statement, the city said hiring back a retiree is a widely accepted practice across the country. The city added there is no intent to circumvent the law, but instead they will seek further clarification from the North Carolina retirement system.

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So far, it seems as though Chief Putney at least has the support of the city council.

“It’s a personnel matter and something only the chief can decide to explain or not to the community as far as how he’s going about it,” councilman Tariq Bokhari said.

It’s not clear who will take over for the chief when he retires. NBC Charlotte reached out to CMPD for further comment but they declined.