CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Storm preparations are already underway in Charlotte, as Hurricane Florence approaches.

Monday afternoon, local emergency crews held a news conference asking neighbors to check storm drains for debris to prevent flooding.

Local officials said McMullen Creek is one of the usual suspects for flooding, but that’s just one of the potential concerns they’re looking at right now.

“You could have 72 hours of sort on your own, no power,” said Charlotte Fire Battalion Chief Rob Cannon.

Charlotte emergency officials held a news conference on Monday ahead of Hurricane Florence.

“Coincidentally, we had a hurricane drill scheduled here at the training academy,” said Chief Cannon.

As emergency officials prepare for the worst, they’re urging residents to do the same. Chief Cannon is asking people to help clear storm water drains.

“That can save us a flooding situation, if those storm drains are cleared out now while we can see them,” said Chief Cannon.

Chief Cannon also said pack a personal weather kit that can last you three days and check on your neighbors too.

“Some that may be elderly or disabled unable to get out on their own, make sure they have supplies they need,” said Chief Cannon.

Meanwhile, emergency officials said they’re monitoring and tracking the situation with several agencies in constant communication.

“We’re pretty much ready to call our partners if we were to receive inclement weather in the area,” said Hannah Panicco, with Charlotte Mecklenburg Emergency Management.

While the weather is clear, they’re reminding people to think clearly if the situation deteriorates.

“Don’t drive your car through water, don't go play in moving water,” said Chief Cannon.

Chief Cannon said only call 911 for true emergencies.

County crews surveyed the storm water systems on Monday and they’ll be doing the same thing on Tuesday to prepare as the storm gets closer to land.

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