CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Even with a record 85 homicides so far this year, Charlotte is ranked the safest major city in North Carolina.

Charlotte was not the number one safest city. That rank went to tiny Holly Spring, a small city southwest of Raleigh.

Charlotte finished 16th but was the highest ranking major city.

The ranking by a home security company called was based on a number of factors including FBI crime stats, crime trends, and the number of police officers per capita.

People walking in uptown Charlotte on Wednesday said they generally feel safe but also try to be mindful of their surroundings.

“Monitor your surroundings at all times,” said Chris Chavious. “I came here from [Washington] D.C. so that’s something you always do.”

Pooja Patel said, “I don’t take risks but I’ve seen a lot of people walking around here at night and everybody seems to be fine.”

A woman named Elena who didn’t want to give her last name says she is never scared, even at night.

“I usually walk my dog at night and I feel safe," Elena said.