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'You’ll hear the horns blaring' | Charlotte neighborhood pleads for CMPD to step in as people run stop signs

WCNC Charlotte was on-site at the intersection. In 20 minutes, nine cars rolled right through the stop sign while 14 drivers did a rolling stop.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — WCNC Charlotte received dozens of videos of people running stop signs at the Marsh Road and Selwyn Farms Lane intersection outside the entrance to a Charlotte neighborhood. 

Neighbors said it's a huge safety concern and have asked the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to do more. 

Neighbors said the calm neighborhood full of chirping birds has been drowned out by something different. Christine Henson is just one of the dozens of people who see people run the four-way stop daily. 

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“A lot of times you’ll hear the horns blaring because someone’s run through the stop signs," Henson said. “I’ve been about hit at least 10 times and we’ve actually had a neighbor that his car was totaled and he was taken to the hospital."


One neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, took the proof to a CMPD officer. 

“I had one officer tell me -- so I just walked over and said, 'When are you going to start ticketing the people running the stop sign?'" the neighbor said. "And his response was, 'If everyone’s doing it, how can I write tickets for everybody?'" 

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WCNC Charlotte took the complaints to CMPD, and CMPD sent the following statement in response:

"Westover Division has been made aware of complaints of motorists running the stop signs at Marsh Rd. & Selwyn Farms Ln. as well as Marsh Rd. & South Blvd.  Upon receiving these complaints, all shifts were notified of the issue and requests for traffic enforcement in those locations were made.  A Community Coordinator and an officer who handles many of Westover Division’s traffic complaints were assigned to address this area during their shifts when available.  Both officers have issued citations for speeding and stop sign violations along Marsh Road over the past two months as requested.  We will continue to monitor this area, along with many others, for traffic safety issues and address them accordingly."

“I haven’t seen them in two months and I'm in and out in the mornings, at lunchtime and then at dinner," Henson said.

WCNC Charlotte was on-site at the intersection. In 20 minutes, nine cars rolled right through the stop sign while 14 drivers did a rolling stop. 

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