CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich ranked Charlotte at a "7" on his Snow Meter.

The Snow Meter is intended to show potential impact of snow beyond just inches.

According to Panovich, a 0-3 ranking implies the threat is mostly social media hype. A 4-6 implies you need to stock up on basic needs, like the stereotypical bread and milk.

A 6 or 7, in Charlotte's case, implies that the city will effectively shut down. By this, Panovich means that many businesses, schools, churches and more will close early or close altogether due to weather. This can already be seen happening in the Charlotte and surrounding area.

Panovich says it's possible that Charlotte goes up on the Snow Meter, but he's keeping it at a 7 for now due to potential for ice.

If a location were to reach an 8 or 9, Panovich suggests you buy a sled. If it reaches a 10, he suggests you find the nearest shovel.

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