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Charlotte teen dies from rare COVID-19 complication after being diagnosed with MIS-C

After she died, Alyssa Simon's family changed their minds about the vaccine, and are urging others to reconsider.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte mom has a dire warning after her 15-year-old daughter died from COVID-19 complications. Alyssa Simons was diagnosed with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, in June after her entire family tested positive for the virus in March.

Her family never expected the outcome and urge other parents to look out for the signs and symptoms and to get vaccinated.

“She was a very sweet girl, very loving,” Shernett Reevey said.

Alyssa had plans. Plans for her sophomore year at North Mecklenburg High School and plans to get her driver’s license. All of those plans were cut short.

“When she finished high school, she wanted to be a fashion designer,” Reevey said. “She didn't want a 16th birthday party, so we started planning a family trip."

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Reevey hopes sharing her family’s loss will save another life.

“She was complaining about her stomach, so people were telling her it was just a stomach virus, but it was something bigger than that,” Reevey said.

The entire family got COVID-19 in March but Alyssa and her young siblings and cousins were all fine and asymptomatic. Weeks later, she had back pains, a stomachache and lost a significant amount of weight. Her mom made a doctor's appointment but it became more urgent and Alyssa was rushed to the hospital. 

While at Atrium’s Levine Children’s Hospital, Reevey said her daughter was diagnosed with MIS-C, a rare but serious condition the CDC reports is linked to COVID-19.

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“That was the first time I ever heard it,” Reevey said. She wants more parents to know the signs and symptoms.

Alyssa was released from the hospital and seemed to be getting better before she became weak again. On June 28, she died at home in her sleep.

“I just miss her hugs, her kisses, just conversations with her. Everything. Everything,” Reevey said.

Kids Alyssa’s age weren’t eligible to get vaccinated before she got COVID-19 in March, and much of her family was hesitant to get vaccinated. But now, all who are eligible have gotten the shots, and are urging others to think about doing the same.

“Reconsider,” Reevey said. “You might be saving your life or your child’s life."

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