CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It started with a little prayer and has turned into a more than Shelia Tuttle ever thought possible.

Her team of volunteers, 'The Kairos Group' has been cooking every second Monday at the Salvation Army Center of Hope for over a decade now.

"Feed the women and children, and my heart went bing, bing, bing and I thought this is it. This is my answer."

Then she found out she would have to prepare enough for 300.

"My heart went... Gulp!"

Kairos is a biblical word meaning, "the Lord will provide and Tuttle says He has."

Now it's the kitchen that needs help. Built in 1991, sometimes the stove works, sometimes it doesn't. Since November, Tuttle and her friends have raised $97,000. The estimate for the remodle will take roughly $150,000.

"It's really a big deal, we serve in that kitchen about a thousand of meals a day. So, it's really huge." said Salvation Army Center of Hope Director Deronda Metz. "If you look around you see they are provideing a meal with love."

In the middle of all of this, Shelia is battling stage four cancer. She says she's going to make every moment count.

"Well, I feel pretty good right now, thanks to my oncologist and the medication I'm on."

Friend Becky Burgess has been serving with Tuttle since the beginning.

"She is one of the strongest women we have encountered. She loves the Lord with all her heart and He gives here the strength to do it."

Tuttle's greatest joy is encouraging the many children her team serves.

"The children didn't ask for this. They're here, and I love to encourage their little hearts and tell them this is just a station in life, and God has great plans for you."

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