DENVER, N.C. – Kentucky Fried Chicken is apologizing after a shocking surprise that was found in a Charlotte woman's meal. KFC confirmed that the brain-looking object is in fact a kidney.

The picture speaks for itself.

"That's unfortunate," said Tanya Belvin. "Ugh."

"It's disgusting," said Perye Koselmpa.

Disgusting is one of many words used to describe the KFC chicken sandwich. Lacy Randall, the woman who actually started eating it, posted the picture on Facebook.

Randall said quote, "I started hurling and almost crying all at the same time."

Wednesday morning, she got blood work done. Randall is being tested for salmonella and parasites.

Perye Koselmpa says she's been to the Denver, NC, KFC least three times a month since she's lived around the corner. I just ate dinner and I'm about to get sick."

KFC sent NBC Charlotte this statement:

Unfortunately, on this occasion a kidney may not have been removed during the prep inspection process. We're very sorry about this guest’s experience, and while there was no health risk, we agree it was not appetizing.

"It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," said Maddison Yates. "Yuck, I'm not going to eat there."

NBC Charlotte pulled the Lincoln County health departments health inspections for the restaurant. Over the past few reports, the popular fast-food chain had all As. Still, some say they won't be coming back again.

"I feel sorry for the person who did that because I'm not going to eat chicken for a very long time," said Belvin.