CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It has been happening in school for years, but school leaders say cheating is growing and some blame electronic devices for the uptick.

School administrators are trying to keep up with changing technology as students figure out new ways to cheat on homework, quizzes and even exams.

Hope Erwin goes to UNCC and admits she’s used an app on her electronic device to cheat.

“So Math Way, you literally just like plug in the problem and it spits out the answer,” said Erwin.

Reporter Mark Boyle asked, “Have you used that?”

“To cheat, yes,” explained Hope.

The students who NBC Charlotte talked with and admitted to cheating say they did or do it because the work load at the time seems too heavy. Students admitted to cheating to get by when the work load seems to be too much.

Now school leaders on both the lower and higher levels are working to come up with new ways to keep up with technology.

NBC Charlotte asked UNCC’s Center for Teaching and Learning Director, Garvey Pyke, about the issue.

He says proctoring online exams can be challenging but they are working on ways to cut down on the issue.

“One thing we can do in online test proctoring where students use a web camera so that their instructor can see that it's really them taking the test and not someone else,” said Pyke.

But as technology changes and more ways to cheat present themselves, students say they still use the old fashioned ways.

“Some people will write on the inside of the water bottle label and you can write on the inside of that and I've seen some people write on their erasers,” said UNCC student Margaret Barbee.

Meanwhile, school districts and universities try to remind students that even though they may be getting a head right now, in the long run they are only hurting themselves by cheating to get by. Plus, the students run a risk of disciplinary action if caught cheating at school.