CHESTER, S.C. -- Last week, a Chester due landed a monster alligator near the South Carolina coast.

Joe Houston, his nephew Scott and two guides set out to hunt the animal. Joe said the goal was to catch a big one.

“It didn’t look that big,” Houston said.

It was hard to see, Joe said. It was past 2 a.m. and pitch black outside. But when he, Scott and their two guides got closer, that's when the realized how huge the monster gator was.

“When it got about 10 or 15 feet from the boat, we seen (sic) it,” Houston said. “That was a big gator. That’s when I shot him with the crossbow.”

The hunt was just beginning. They harpooned the gator three separate times. Reeling him back in after each stick. Finally, their crew was able to pull the beast next to the boat.

“Three, two, one, bam,” Houston said.

After the fatal gunshot, the real work began. At 12 feet long and 620 pounds, it took all of 15 minutes just to pull it into the boat. The Houstons were finally able to reflect on their big catch.

“I punched him [Scott] in the side. I said, ‘we’re making memories!’ He said, ‘yeah we’re making memories all right.’”

Houston says he’ll proudly display the gator in his home.

“My wife ain’t going to like it.”

The meat won’t go to waste either.

“Tastes like chicken!” Houston joked.