A tragic car accident took their lives in 2009, but not their legacy; Friday, the lives of Dr. Cynthia Furr and her daughter Mackie were honored as the Cindy Mackie foundation presented a scholarship to a Winthrop senior.  

The hug said it all Friday morning as Sharon Furr embraced another recipient of the Cindy Mackie Foundation Scholarship. 

"So when I read through Tyler's essay, I think first I thought, 'you are a Cindy. You're just like a Cindy, you're striving to be everything and more,'" said Sharon Furr, Cynthia's sister. 

Tyler Lewis was surprised with the scholarship. He's a senior music major at Winthrop University. 

"It's a huge honor to be given this money because I know where it comes from. I know where the donations come from and the heart that is behind it," said Lewis. 

The scholarship program honors former Winthrop Professor and Music Minister Dr. Cynthia Furr and her 2-year-old daughter Mackie. The two were hit by a speeding car pulling out onto Highway 49 from River Pointe Drive in 2009. 

"We've been on the road since 2010. So far in the last six years-- we'll meet our mark of $100,000 [in grants and scholarships] this year," said Furr. 

Lewis said he plans to follow a similar path of Cynthia Furr by pursuing music ministry and business.