CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The 2017 PGA Championship is now history, but Charlotte is receiving high marks as the host city.

"You've raised the bar," tweeted PGA Championship.

"Charlotte shined," declared Ralph Breeden, local Chairperson for the PGA Championship. "On an international stage that PGA America provides, I'm not sure we could ask for anything better."

Exact figures aren't in, but early estimates put the attendance of the tournament well beyond 200,000.

Organizers say Quail Hollow was the destination this past week, recording 10,000-12,000 riders through the Light Rail and Uber.

"It's probably the biggest thing that Charlotte has ever seen," said volunteer Eric Tam. "So a really big accomplishment to bring such a big event to Charlotte."

Now that the tournament is over, crews have begun the clean-up process to restore Quail Hollow to its pre-PGA state. Breaking down is expected to take as much time as setting up, about 45 days.

"There's going to be some construction going on, deconstruction's a better word, but we can tolerate that," said Breeden.

The PGA Pro Shop was still in tact Monday. Everything in the store was marked half-off and shoppers picked up merchandise quickly.

"We had a great week at the PGA and we're here to spend all of our money," laughed Charles Prince who drove up from Alexandria, La. for the tournament.

Grant Burback, 12, had a bag full of gear.

"Shoes, jacket, hats, towels, really everything honestly," he said.

Grant was especially thankful to his mom, for picking up the bill.

"She's the best," he said.

With the success of the PGA Championship, could Charlotte host another major tournament? Breeden says that is very likely.

"If they give us the keys, we'll be happy to drive that car and I suspect we will have some conversations before too long," he said.